Local favorite, Harumi Sushi, is known for its extensive and unique menu selection, great prices, top quality of fresh fish and the friendliest staff around!  Not only does Harumi have the largest selection of rolls in town, we also offer an eclectic assortment of Japanese and Korean dishes from the kitchen.  At Harumi Sushi we strive not only to meet and exceed expectations of the customer’s pallet, but also to create an artistic expression of Japanese culture with every roll, on every plate.  Harumi Sushi delivers an all-around unforgettable experience that every sushi lover deserves to try!


Jun Hong

Harumi’s head sushi chef, Jun Hong, came to the United States in 1987.  He landed in New York City, where he opened and ran a premier sushi restaurant.  Jun has worked in many prestigious Japanese and Korean restaurants around the U.S. including Los Angeles, Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA.  His specialty lies within his beautifully delicate and precise sashimi cuts, but Jun is also a master sushi roller and a predominant Asian cuisine chef!

Steven Yu

Steven learned to roll sushi as a young man in his home country of Korea.  After coming to the United States in 1981, he opened the acclaimed, Hayashi Japanese Restaurant, in Manhattan.  Steven spent many years working in the restaurant industry, specifically within the Japanese and other Asian cuisine specialties.  Much like the Japanese use sushi as a media for creating a cultural artistic expression, Steven likewise creates a sushi masterpiece on every roll he makes.

Jin Chang

Harumi’s most endearing employee, Jin, is the glue that hold the restaurant together.  Jin has been working in the restaurant industry in various capacities for over 30 years and landed himself as kitchen manager at Harumi.  Jin’s goal for the Harumi Sushi is to serve the community with the best food, the best service and the most love possible!